IELTS General Reading 2 - Passage 3

Exam Tip

Read the questions first, and then skim-read the text to get an idea of its structure, and scan for the specific information. Every paragraph usually has a sentence that summarizes the main idea(s) in the paragraph (the topic sentence). This sentence may help you.

Questions 28-33

Reading Passage 3 has five paragraphs, A-E.

Which paragraphs contains the following information?

Write the correct letter A-E in boxes 28-33 on your answer sheet.

NB You may use any letter more than once.

28threats to the glow-worm 

29ways in which glow-worms have been used 

30variations in type of glow-worm 

31glow-worm distribution 

32glow-worms becoming an attraction 

33the life-cycle of a glow-worm 

Questions 34-40

Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 3?

In boxes 34-40 on your answer sheet write

TRUEif the statement agrees with the information
FALSEif the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVENif there is no information on this

34Scientists have only recently been able to list the exact number of glow-worm species. 

35The first fireflies appeared 30 million years ago. 

36Glow-worm populations are decreasing faster in some countries than in others. 

37Heat affects the production of glow-worm larvae. 

38Adulthood is the longest stage of a glow-worm's life. 

39The exact reason why glow-worm numbers are decreasing is unknown. 

40Glow-worms are usually found in wet areas. 


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