IELTS General Reading 4 - Passage 3

IELTS Reading Tip

In an IELTS Reading test, it is a good idea to very quickly skim through a text to get a general idea of the overall topic, and also the particular topics of each paragraph.

Questions 28-34

The passage has ten paragraphs labelled A-K

Which paragraph contains the following information?

Write the correct letter A-K in boxes 28-34 on your answer sheet.

28similarities between pterosaurs and mechanical flight 

29the identification of the type of creature a pterosaur actually was 

30conflicting theories about how pterosaurs came to fly 

31the cause of widespread destruction of animal life on our planet 

32the fact that pterosaurs once existed all over the world 

33the first clear proof that pterosaurs could fly 

34concrete evidence that pterosaurs hunted their food from the air 

Questions 35-38

Match each statement with the correct person A-D.

Write the correct letter A, B, C or D in boxes 35-38 on your answer sheet.

A Cosimo Alessandro Collini
B Georges Cuvier
C Fabio dalla Vecchia
D Paul MacCready

35He refers to the difficulty of determining how pterosaurs evolved without further evidence.  

36He failed to interpret the evidence before him.  

37He gave an appropriate name to the first pterosaur that was discovered.  

38He mentions the ability of pterosaurs to take advantage of their environment.  

Questions 39 and 40

Complete the sentences below with words taken from the reading passage.


39So far, evidence of a total of pterosaurs has been discovered.

40The wings of Quetzalcoatlus measured more than across.


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