General Writing Sample Task 1 #78

Writing a letter of request

Before the task

  • Read the question below and identify the situation and the task. Underline the keywords in the task.
  • Spend five minutes brainstorming details to include in your response. Decide which of these you will include in your letter.
  • Decide how you will structure your letter and what you will include in each paragraph.

Follow up

  • Read through your letter to check spelling and grammar. Make sure you have written at least 150 words.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You are currently taking a course at a college but you will need to have a week off during this course.

Write a letter to the college Principal. In the letter

  • give details of your course
  • explain why you need a week off
  • say what you want the Principal to do.

Write at least 150 words.

Model answer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an international student in my second year of the Computer Science course at the college. My tutor is Mr Johnson, and I am a full-time student, living in the college residence.

I am writing to request a week's leave from the college next month. My cousin's wedding is taking place in my home country and my family expect me to be there. Although this will mean that I have to miss lectures for a week, I can arrange for one of my friends on the course to give me any notes concerning what I have missed.

I would be grateful if you would give me permission to be absent for the week beginning 25th May. If you are kind enough to allow me to do this, I will speak to Mr Johnson and arrange to make up for any work that I did not do while I was away.

Yours faithfully,
Jonah Smith

(157 words)

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