Grammar Exercise #1: Present Simple or Present Continuous?

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1This workshop (take place) in the Art Gallery every Wednesday from 10am-12pm.

2The whole team (perform) well at the moment. I believe they will win.

3In the UK students (enter) law undergraduate degree programmes immediately after high school.

4Natural gas spot prices (fall) as a result of relatively warm weather in much of the U.S.

5Green plants (consume) carbon dioxide and (release) oxygen under the influence of light.

6What (you/do)? I (try) to write an essay.

7Please be quiet! I (want) to watch the game.

8The company (operate) a wide range of cultural sightseeing every year.

9My parents (sail) around western Italy this summer, and probably won't be back until late September.

10Paula is busy right now. She (talk) on the phone with her dad.


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