IELTS Speaking : Describing Places

IELTS Speaking Tip

Listen carefully to the examinerís questions to make sure that you answer them fully and appropriately. Donít be too shy to ask for help in the interview if you need it.

Part 2

Take one minute to prepare a talk on the following subject.
Take notes if you like and remember to include reasons and examples.
You should then speak for between one and two minutes.

Describe a place that you enjoy visiting.

You should say:

  • where the place is
  • what you can see and do there
  • how it has changed since you first visited it

and explain why you enjoy visiting this place.

Model answer

A place that I enjoy visiting is Prague. Itís the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, with a population of nearly 2 million. It lies in the north-west of the country, in the centre of the Bohemian region, which is a green and lush part of Czech Republic.

There is lots to do in Prague. It has several universities, so first and foremost itís a fantastic place to be a student. Itís buzzing, with a good nightlife, good restaurants and a lively cultural life. In fact, itís a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a cultural and economic centre of central Europe a few years back.

If you climb up to the hill overlooking the old town, you have an amazing view of the city. What strikes me most when I go up there is all the traditional, pale buildings with their red roofs, and then right in the middle of it all, a remarkable piece of art and engineering, the Charles Bridge. It is one of the most loved attractions in Prague that crosses the Vltava River. It was built between the 14th and 15th centuries and connects Prague Castle with the Old Town. Today you can walk across it and find many souvenir stalls or have your caricature drawn. There are many statues on the bridge and some people think that if you touch the statue of St John of Nepomuk you will receive good luck and return to Prague soon.

The last time I went to Prague, they were having a wine festival. People were tasting all kinds of wines from stalls on the street, very informally and chatting with friends while they drank. It was wonderful.

How has it changed since I first visited it? Well, I would say it has undoubtedly become more trendy. Like I say, they have built a stunning new museum. Another example is ďthe Lennon WallĒ, a monument of recent vintage: It is a wall covered in graffiti and pictures inspired by John Lennon and the Beatles. People have been drawing on the wall since the 1980s and they continue to do so today. I would say the local inhabitants have become more overtly proud of their city too. It has received quite a bit of recognition in recent times, which has really placed Prague well and truly on the cultural map; something the inhabitants are always happy to talk to you about. In fact, that is something else I enjoy about going there: the local people are invariably friendly and helpful.

When did you last go to Prague?
I last went there the year before last. I wish I could go more often, but unfortunately work commitments mean I canít.

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