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IELTS Speaking Sample #11
your work, fashion, internet and travelling
IELTS Speaking Sample #10
your town, sport, food and shopping
IELTS Speaking Sample #9
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IELTS Speaking Test #8
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IELTS Speaking Test #7
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IELTS Speaking Test #5
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IELTS Speaking Test #6
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IELTS Speaking Test #4
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IELTS Speaking Test #3
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IELTS Speaking Test #2
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IELTS Speaking Test #1
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Speaking test in IELTS

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IELTS Speaking Module

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IELTS Speaking

Speaking test in IELTS

The Speaking test is the last part of IELTS. It takes between 11 to 14 minutes. During this time, an examiner asks a candidate about 25 questions. There are three parts to Speaking. Part 1 deals with personal questions - where you live, what you do - plus two short familiar topics. In Part 2, the candidate speaks on one topic that the examiner chooses for two minutes. That’s around 350 words. In the last part, the examiner asks questions related to the Part 2 topic.

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