Job Questions

Vocabulary tip

In the IELTS Speaking exam you need to show that you have a broad vocabulary.

In English there are many words that have the same general meaning; however, they may have subtly different definitions.

Example: challenge and obstacle can both refer to a difficulty. However, if you use the word challenge, you imply that you may be able to overcome the difficulty. If you use obstacle, you imply that the difficulty is harder to overcome.

Learn to distinguish these subtle differences of meaning to express yourself precisely.

  • What do you do?
  • What's your job?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What are your main responsibilities?
  • What do you do every day?
  • What are your duties?
  • What is your daily routine?
  • What does your job involve?
  • How many people does your firm employ at present?
  • Can you have some time off whenever you want?
  • Why don't you apply for another job?
  • Have you filled in the application form?
  • If they offer you a well-paid job, will you take it?
  • How much holiday do you get / How many weeks holiday do you get?
  • What are normal working hours for most office jobs in your country?
  • What kind of jobs get very high salaries in your country?
  • What is the minimum amount of income tax you have to pay?
  • What jobs often involve shiftwork? Would you like to do one?
  • Is flexi-time common in your company?
  • What are your working hours?
  • Do you do / work any overtime?
  • Teachers don't earn very much, do they? Why (not)?
  • When were you last promoted?
  • Why / When did you apply for this job?
  • Why did you take an early retirement?
  • Why did you resign?
  • Did they give you a lot of training before getting the job from the company?
  • Did you do / go on any training courses for this job?
  • Have you been promoted since you started in the company?
  • Do you normally get a good pay rise at the end of each year?
  • How do you feel about your future prospects in the company?
  • Are you happy in the job or do you feel is time for a fresh challenge in another company?
  • What exactly are your duties as a nurse?
  • Who do you work for?
  • Are you usually busy at work?
  • What do you find difficult about working there?
  • Can you describe your place of work?
  • What do you like about your job?
  • Do you usually cover for a colleague when he is on leave?
  • How do you find visiting a lot of people / clients?
  • Who will take your place when you leave? How do you feel about this?
  • What kind of jobs are you good at?
  • Can you tell me about your boss? What kind of a person is he / she?
  • Have you ever had any serious problems at work?
  • Do you work at the moment? Tell me about the work you do.
  • Have you ever had any other jobs?
  • Would you like to do the same job as your mother / father?

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