Study Questions

IELTS Speaking Tip

You can use the phrases here to ask the examiner for more help if you havenít understood the question or need it to be repeated.

  • Sorry, I didn't understand.
  • Could you repeat the question, please?
  • Iím sorry, would you mind saying that again?
  • Iím afraid I donít understand the question.
  • Excuse me, could you repeat that?

  • What are you studying?
  • Do you have higher education?
  • What do you like about your studies?
  • How often do you use English?
  • What languages can you speak?
  • What subject would you like to study at university?
  • When does the academic year begin?
  • Have you ever lectured at university? Can you tell me about it?
  • Have you ever done a research? What was your research on?
  • What's your field of study?
  • What do you find difficult about your field of study?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What subjects will you take when you go to university?
  • Which courses are you doing this term?
  • How do you find them?
  • How's your course going?
  • How many modules does the course consist of?
  • How many other credits do you need to complete this course?
  • Do you think you're going to do them successfully?
  • Which exams do you usually find difficult?
  • Do you need to do well in your assignments during the course?
  • Do they count towards your final degree?
  • Have you started writing your thesis? What's it about?
  • Do you have to give a seminar paper during the term?
  • When have you got to hand in your essays?
  • What marks did you use to get at university?
  • Have you ever won a university scholarship?
  • What are your future plans after graduation?
  • What are you majoring in?
  • Have you got any other diplomas or degrees?
  • Which subject did you study at university?
  • Are there many people with expertise in your field in the country?
  • Can you tell me about the education system in your country?
  • What types of school are there in your country?
  • What different exams must students take in your country?
  • What's the reason you're taking this exam?
  • Are you studying now? Describe the course you are studying?
  • What do you most dislike about your study / course?
  • What are the best things about where you study?

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