IELTS Writing Sample #51

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people insist that senior workers 65 or over should retire but others believe that they should continue working. What is you opinion?

You should write at least 250 words.

model answer:

Over the past few decades [In the past], there have been many advances in medical technology. Because of this, senior citizens are healthier and more active than before and may choose to work beyond the age of 65. Nowadays, however, there has been a growing debate as to whether or not these people should retire in order to create jobs for the younger generation. Despite the advantages of early retirement, I strongly believe that it is better for senior workers to continue working as long as they are physically and mentally capable.

Those who believe that senior workers need to retire for younger generation base their case on the following arguments. First, the unemployment rate, especially for college graduates, has never been so high so it is today. This is largely due to the slow economy. Therefore, firing some elderly workers who are well-paid would allow those unemployed young people to have good opportunities to get a job. In addition, replacing older workers with young people would bring greater benefits to companies [=employers]. This is because youngsters are better at adapting themselves to fast changing information based society. They are generally better at computers and speaking foreign languages than their older counterparts.

Nevertheless, people should not ignore the fact that senior citizens have been playing vital roles both at home and at work for their entire lives. To begin with, a young person's need for a job is no more important than an older person's. Both have a responsibility to support their families. Sadly, few seniors can afford early retirement. Besides, senior workers provide the wisdom and experience that young employees cannot offer. There is strong [=acute] possibility of situations arising that require the knowledge of skilled senior employees.

In summary, the advantages of keeping seasoned workers far outweigh its disadvantages. There are high hopes that employers exercise wisdom [=caution] in dealing with this issue.

(310 words)

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