Further Practice for Reading 7 Passage 2

The questions below will help you to make sure that you have chosen the correct answers for Questions 16-22 on Reading Passage 2.

Question 16

Look at paragraph A and answer these questions.

1Does the paragraph describe the development of reading from one point of time to another?  

2Is the paragraph only about reading as it was in St Augustine's day?  

3Is the theme of the paragraph how reading became a mark of civilization?  

Question 17

Look at paragraph B and answer these questions.

1Does the paragraph talk about modern nations?  

2Are educated workers in India mentioned as an example of something in the paragraph?  

3Is the first sentence of the paragraph the topic sentence, and the rest of the paragraph exemplification?  

Question 18

Look at paragraph C and answer these questions.

1Is the importance of reading in an economic sense the theme of the paragraph?  

2Does the paragraph show how reading as a skill is now an economic force?  

3Is the amount of money that reading has contributed to the economy the central idea of the paragraph?  

Question 19

Look at paragraph D and answer these questions.

1Is a problem described in this paragraph?  

2Does the paragraph only mention the fact that reading is taken for granted in developed societies?  

3Are both a reason and a result discussed in this paragraph?  

Question 20

Look at paragraph E and answer these questions.

1Does the paragraph say that young people today are attracted to reading?  

2Does this paragraph describe the various ways young people regard reading?  

3Is the writer's attitude to reading discussed?  

Question 21

Look at paragraph F and answer these questions.

1Is the question about the attitude of modern Western society to the decline in reading?  

2According to the text, can this decline be controlled?  

3Does the writer answer a question by giving his or her own opinion?  

Question 22

Look at paragraph G and answer these questions.

1Does the paragraph describe how to encourage reading?  

2Does the paragraph talk about young people and their attitude to reading?  

3Do the instructions for the exercise specify that each of the headings can be used only once?  


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