IELTS Listening 11 - Section 2

IELTS Listening Tip

You may be asked to choose correct answers from a box. You will hear the questions in the correct order, but not the answers. Read the questions before you listen and the answers while you listen.

You will hear a local radio broadcast about the Rivenden City Theatre. First you have some time to look at Questions 11-20.

You should answer the questions as you listen, because you will NOT hear the recording a second time.

Listen carefully and answer Questions 11 to 20:

Click here to listen:

Questions 11-16

What change has been made to each part of the theatre?

Choose SIX answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-G, next to questions 11-16.

A doubled in number
B given separate entrance
C reduced in number
D increased in size
E replaced
F strengthened
G temporarily closed

Part of the theatre

11box office  


13ordinary seats  

14seats for wheelchair users  


16dressing rooms  

Questions 17-20

Choose the table below.


Play Dates Starting time Tickets available Price
Royal Hunt of the Sun October 13th to pm for and


And here on Radio Rivenden we have Lynne Rawley, the Public Relations Officer of our own Rivenden City Theatre. Hello, Lynne.
Now, the theatre is reopening soon after its three-year redevelopment programme, isn't it?
That's right, and there are a lot of improvements. The first thing people will see when they go in is that the foyer has been repainted in the original green and gold. Then the box office has been reoriented, with its own access from the side of the building instead of through the foyer, which means it can be open longer hours, and has more space, too. The shop that used to be in the foyer, which sold books and CDs, is the one part of the redevelopment which isn't yet complete. The plan is to find new premises for it near the theatre, and we've had difficulty finding somewhere suitable. We hope to reopen the shop in the next few months.
Will audiences find any difference in the auditorium?
Yes, we've increased the leg-room between the rows. This means that there are now fewer seats but we're sure audiences will be much happier. And we've installed air conditioning, so it won't get so hot and stuffy. We already had a few seats which were suitable for wheelchair users, and now there are twice as many, which we hope will meet demand. Something else that will benefit audiences is the new lifts. The two we used to have were very small and slow. They've now gone, and we've got much more efficient ones.
Anything for the performers?
Yes, we've made a number of improvements backstage. The small, dark dressing rooms we used to have have been converted into two large airy rooms, so they're much more comfortable now. And the state of-the-art electronic sound and lighting systems have been installed.
OK, so what's the first play that audiences can see when the theatre reopens?
We've got a very exciting production of Peter Shaffer's Royal Hunt of the Sun, which is currently touring the country. That starts on October the 13th and runs till the 19th. We're experimenting a bit with the time the curtain goes up. We used to start all our performances at 7.30, but that made it difficult for people to go home by public transport, so instead we're beginning at 7, because at 9.45, when it finishes, there are still buses running. Tickets are already selling fast. The Friday and Saturday performances sold out almost immediately and, in fact, now there are only tickets for Monday and Thursday.
How much are they?
We've introduced a simpler price structure. Ticket prices used to range from 6 to 30 but now they're all 18. They're available from the box office, in person, by phone, fax or post, or online.
OK, Lynne, now if you'd like to give the contact details for the theatre...

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