IELTS Listening 12 - Section 2

IELTS Listening Tip

For note completion tasks, articles (a, an, the) and auxiliary verbs (be, do, have) are not always included. Make sure that you check the word count in the instructions and only write the word or words that you hear.

It is also important to pay close attention to singular and plural forms of nouns. For example, if the correct answer is refreshments and you write refreshment, your answer will be marked incorrect. In the same way, if the correct answer is a singular noun, you must write the noun in its singular form and not in its plural form.

You will hear a customer services official giving information to a passenger at a railway station in a town called Trebirch. First you have some time to look at Questions 11-20.

You should answer the questions as you listen, because you will NOT hear the recording a second time.

Listen carefully and answer Questions 11 to 20:

Click here to listen:

Questions 11-14

Complete the sentences below, using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


11Local services depart from railway station.

12National services depart from the railway station.

13Trains for London depart every each day during the week.

14The price of a first class ticket includes .

Questions 15-17

Choose the table below.


Type of ticket Details
Standard open no restrictions
Supersave travel after 8.45
Special travel after and at weekends
buy at least six days ahead limited numbers essential

Questions 18-20

Choose THREE letters A-G.

Which THREE attractions can you visit at present by train from Trebirch?


Hello. Um my family and I are staying here in Trebirch for a week or two and we wanted to know about the train services. We're hoping to do a few local trips.
OK. Well, I can give you lots of details about all the trains going from Trebirch in the South West. This leaflet will be very helpful but I can tell you some of the main things. We've got two main train stations in the town. King Street is for local commuter lines and regional services.
What about trains to London? I'll need to go there on business for one day.
Then you need to go to Central Station - that's for all the national services. There are regular trains to London. They leave Trebirch every half hour on weekdays and every hour at weekends. It takes about two hours, a bit longer on Sundays. You've got a choice of first and second class and there's a buffet car - though refreshments are included in the cost of a first class ticket.
Ah right. Um, and have you got any information on different ticket types?
Yes. There's a range of ticket prices depending on when you travel and when you buy your ticket. There's a standard open ticket which doesn't have any restrictions. This can be bought in advance or on the day. You can also get various discounted tickets. A popular one is called the Supersave and, er, this is OK for travel after 8.45. Then there is the Special ticket, which is valid for travel after 10.15. The Special tickets are also valid for travel at weekends. The cheapest tickets are called Advance and you have to buy them at least six days ahead. Only a certain number are available and you have to make seat reservations for these.
Thanks. And are there lots of places to go to around here?
Oh yes. You can enjoy many days out. Um there's the Merthyr Mining Museum, which is only half an hour from Trebirch by train. Your children will find it just as fascinating as any theme park and they can ride in the original miners' lifts and on the coal trains. There are special excursion tickets which include entrance fees. Mainline trains also offer direct services to Bristol, where you can visit the docks or spend a great day out with the children in the zoo, which is set in the parkland that used to surround the old castle. Er, special family awayday fares are available for this service now during the school holidays. Er, alternatively, you can be in Birmingham in only an hour and a half, where there's lots to see and do including the new and internationally acclaimed climbing wall built on the site of the old aquarium. We will also be running a special service to Newport when the new science museum opens next year, as we anticipate a lot of visitors in the opening weeks. I'd advise you to call early to book your tickets. Is that OK?
Yes, thanks.

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