IELTS Reading 12 - Passage 3

IELTS Reading Tip

The Reading passages always contain the information you need to answer the question. You won't have to use your own knowledge of a topic.

Questions 27-31

Complete each sentence with the correct ending, A-G, below.

Write the correct letter, A-G, in boxes 27-31 on your answer sheet.

A was necessary in order to fulfil a civic role.
B was necessary when people began farming.
C was necessary for the development of arithmetic.
D persists in all societies.
E was used when the range of number words was restricted.
F can be traced back to early European languages.
G was a characteristic of early numeration systems.

27A developed system of numbering 

28An additional hand signal 

29In seventh-century Europe, the ability to count to a certain number 

30Thinking about numbers as concepts separate from physical objects 

31Expressing number differently according to class of item 

Questions 32-40

Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage?

In boxes 32-40 on your answer sheet write

TRUEif the statement agrees with the information
FALSEif the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVENif there is no information on this

32For the earliest tribes, the concept of sufficiency was more important than the concept of quantity. 

33Indigenous Tasmanians used only four terms to indicate numbers of objects. 

34Some peoples with simple number systems use body language to prevent misunderstanding of expressions of number. 

35All cultures have been able to express large numbers clearly. 

36The word 'thousand' has Anglo-Saxon origins. 

37In general, people in seventh-century Europe had poor counting ability. 

38In the Tsimshian language, the number for long objects and canoes is expressed with the same word. 

39The Tsimshian language contains both older and newer systems of counting. 

40Early peoples found it easier to count by using their fingers rather than a group of pebbles. 


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