Academic Reading sample task, Identifying writers views or claims

IELTS Reading Tip

In the IELTS Reading test, you might be asked to find someone's opinion in a passage. You will be given statements, paraphrasing that person's opinion, which will be written in a shorter, different way.

Questions 1-4

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the Reading Passage?

In boxes 1-4 on your answer sheet, write

YESif the statement agrees with the writer's claims
NOif the statement contradicts the writer's claims
NOT GIVENif there is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this

1Thirty per cent of deaths in the United States are caused by smoking-related diseases. 

2If one partner in a marriage smokes, the other is likely to take up smoking. 

3Teenagers whose parents smoke are at risk of getting lung cancer at some time during their lives. 

4Opponents of smoking financed the UCSF study. 


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