Academic Reading sample task, Matching headings

IELTS Reading Tip

  • Read the passage and think about the purpose or function of each paragraph (explaining, comparing, giving details, etc.).
  • Look at the questions and identify the type of information you need to look for (a reason, a comparison, etc.).
  • Try to match the type of information with the functions of the paragraphs.
  • When you think you have identified the right paragraph, read it carefully to check that it contains all the correct information.
  • Remember that the words in the question may be expressed differently in the Reading passage.
  • Remember that just because you see a word from the question, it does not necessarily mean that you have found the correct paragraph.

Questions 1-6

The Reading Passage has six paragraphs A-F.

Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below.

Write your answers in boxes 1-6 on your answer sheet.

List of Headings
i The probable effects of the new international trade agreement
ii The environmental impact of modern farming
iii Farming and soil erosion
iv The effects of government policy in rich countries
v Governments and management of the environment
vi The effects of government policy in poor countries
vii Farming and food output
viii The effects of government policy on food output
ix The new prospects for world trade

1Paragraph A 

2Paragraph B 

3Paragraph C 

4Paragraph D 

5Paragraph E 

6Paragraph F 


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