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IELTS General Reading, matching features

Questions 34-40

Look at the following statements (Questions 34-40) and the list of countries below.

Match each statement with the correct country, A-J.

Write the correct letter, A-J, in boxes 34-40 on your answer sheet.
NB You may use any letter more than once.

List of Countries
A    France
B    Germany
C    USA
D    Denmark
E    Sweden
F    Japan
G    Russia
H    Italy
I    Britain
J    China

34 It helped other countries develop their own film industry.  
35 It was the biggest producer of films.  
36 It was first to develop the 'feature' film.  
37 It was responsible for creating stars.  
38 It made the most money from 'avantgarde' films.  
39 It made movies based more on its own culture than outside influences.  
40 It had a great influence on silent movies, despite its size.  

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