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Reading Exercise 7

Read this passage about a magazine called INFO and answer the questions which follow.

Time: 15 minutes

Questions 38-44

Below are headings showing the stages involved in printing any document. According to the information in the passage:

write T if the stage is necessary in traditional printing
write D if the stage is necessary with desktop publishing
write TD if the stage is necessary in both methods.

Example) final printing Answer: TD

38) gathering input

39) designing page frame

40) marking text

41) type-setting

42) page design

43) cutting and pasting

44) proof-reading

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Questions 45-47

Answer the following questions based on information from the reading passage. Use no more than three words.

Example) What kind of documents are produced with DTP? brochures, reports, magazines.

45) How many factors are combined to create DTP?

46) What three advantages of DTP for organizations are mentioned?

47) What is sent to the printers with DTP?

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Questions 45-47 are open questions with a three-word restriction. Question 45 just needs a number. You also need to change ‘lower cost’ to one word (i.e. cheaper) for Question 46. Sometimes more than one answer is possible, as in question 47.

Be very careful to answer questions by referring only to the information in the passage - not to any outside knowledge you may have. You may know that desktop publishing programmes have a command called ‘cut and paste’ but this information is not in the passage so it is not relevant to question 43.

If you do not have enough time or are not certain about the answer to a question, make sure you write something. There is no penalty for incorrect answers in IELTS and you do not get marks for blank spaces.

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