IELTS Vocabulary: Missing Words

Question Strategies: understanding the task

In Writing Task 2, you will be given a point of view to consider. You will be asked to give your opinion about the topic and the issues that are presented.

You are expected to give reasons for your answer and, where possible, support your arguments with relevant examples.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

In some countries, fathers are playing a greater role in raising their children.

Why is this happening? What are the benefits of it?

Write at least 250 words.

Here is a model answer. Twelve words are missing from it. What are they? Write the missing letters in the spaces provided.

women have entered the workforce in large numbers in many societies, they have also chosen to have fewer children. Their husbands, , are expected to play more of a role in raising children not only because their wives are working but because fatherhood has been redefined by men and women alike. A generation ago, fathers were more clearly financial providers; now they are also emotional anchors spend more time with their children.

The benefits of fathers' assuming a greater role in childrearing are . From the perspective of the child or children, they have a more accessible male figure they can both look up to and rely on. leads to their being more rounded individuals better able to cope with today's complex world. Research has shown that children who lack confidence or have some other problem develop faster with paternal as as maternal love and attention.

the father's point of view, he enjoys a period of time with his children that passes all too quickly, and is nourished by their daily accomplishments, by their intellectual and emotional growth. A man may count it a great achievement if his children are stable and able; his employment or earning capacity does not only confer status upon him.

For the mother, she feels as though her partner is assisting physically and emotionally, and not just financially. While her partner is caring for their children, she may have more space and time for her own pursuits be connected to her career or to other creative endeavours.

The notion of manhood has changed in recent times to include more active fatherhood, I believe is a positive development for all concerned.


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