General Writing Sample Task 1 #59

Marina has just started a new course at college and her tutor has asked her to write him a letter telling him something about herself. She has made ten mistakes in verb tenses in her letter. Find and correct them.

Dear Tutor,

I am coming to Brighton College from Singapore, where I was a student for ten years. I did already take examinations in Singapore in English, Biology, Computer and Maths. My highest score is for Computer: I got grade A.

When I was a student in Singapore I also have a part-time job in a shop. My uncle owns a supermarket and so I helped him in the evenings. I used to worked there four nights a week and I think this was very good experience for me.

At the weekends, I usually played volleyball with friends or, if the weather's bad, we have been to the theatre, which is very popular in Singapore. Because of my part-time job, I also did spend a lot of time studying at the weekend.

I didnít go to many other places. My father took me to Thailand once. Three weeks after we had returned he also went to Malaysia and took the whole family.

This is a brief description of my background.

Best wishes,


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