IELTS Exam Tip 4

Listening Tip

You will have time at the start of each listening section to Look at the questions. Read all of the information carefully.

For notes completion questions you should check how many words you need to write.

You should also use the information in the questions to help you predict the type of word you need to listen for (e.g. a number, a date, or a name).

Reading Tip

When you have to match paragraph headings to paragraphs, skim each paragraph in turn.

Decide what the main point of the paragraph is, then find a heading that means the same things.

Writing Tip

In IELTS Writing tasks, donít copy information from the question paper, use your own words. Make sure that you describe the most important information and that your figures are accurate.

Check your spelling when you have finished and make sure you have written at least 150 words for Task 1 and at least 250 words for Task 2.

Speaking Tip

The correct intonation that reflects accurately how you feel, will improve your marks.

If you are telling an exciting story, but your intonation makes you sound bored, the examiner will probably find your story less interesting.

We use different intonation to express different emotions. The best way to improve your intonation is to listen to how English-speakers say something, as well as what they say.

You could watch a film and listen carefully to how the characters sound when they are sad, happy, frightened, and so on. Pause the film and imitate them.

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