IELTS Reading Sample (Academic) #26

IELTS Reading Tip

Before you read any IELTS Reading text, you should quickly think about the things you already know about the topic. You won’t be able to guess any answers like this, but this will help you understand the general idea of the text.

Questions 1-5

Complete the notes below.

Choose ONE OR TWO WORDS from the passage.

Write your answers in boxes 1-5 on your answer sheet.

1Until the early 19th century the majority of migrants to North America were .

2However, in the second half of the 19th century, and cheaper travel meant that more people could afford to emigrate voluntarily.

3At the beginning of the 20th century, immigrants to receiving countries found jobs as in factories and on farms.

4After the second world war there was a great increase in emigrants from .

5Nowadays, receiving countries generally prefer immigrants .

Questions 6-11

Which paragraphs in the passage contain the following information?

Write the correct letter, A-I, in boxes 6-11 on your answer sheet.

6changing departure points and destinations for migrants  

7disadvantages of present immigration policies  

8the immigrants who rich countries find more acceptable  

9how earning more money affects migration  

10migration was mainly compulsory  

11changing the laws on immigration  

Questions 12-13

Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D.

12Pressure to migrate is increasing now because

13Lower incomes for unskilled workers in receiving countries have

Questions 14-16

The list below gives some of the effects of immigration restrictions.

Which THREE effects are mentioned in the passage?

Questions 17-18

The list below gives reasons for relaxing immigration restrictions.

Which TWO reasons are mentioned in the passage?


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