IELTS Reading Sample (General) #11

Reading Tip: locating information

In this task you have to locate information in paragraphs or sections of a text. You may need to find specific details, a description or a comparison, for example. Some paragraphs may have more than one matching item.

  • Look through the questions 1-6 and underline key words and phrases.
  • Study the first paragraph, looking for information which matches any of the questions.
  • When you find a possible answer, check that there is an exact match between question and information in the text.
  • Continue working through the text in the same way, paragraph by paragraph.

Questions 1-6

The passage has nine paragraphs labelled A-I

Which paragraph contains the following information?

Write the correct letter A-I in boxes 1-6 on your answer sheet.

1a comparison between the interior and areas near the sea 

2a warning about luggage 

3advice about clothing 

4advice on litter 

5information on a problem which doesn't occur often 

6reassurance about what you can eat 

Questions 7-13

Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage?

In boxes 7-13 on your answer sheet, write

YESif the statement agrees with the writer's claims
NOif the statement contradicts the writer's claims
NOT GIVENif there is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this

7If you try to bring things which are forbidden into Australia, you may be taken to court. 

8Under certain circumstances, vaccinations are obligatory for entry to Australia. 

9Only people with Australian nationality receive free medical treatment in Australia. 

10If you are trapped in a bush fire while driving, you should abandon your car. 

11Leech bites can cause dangerous infections. 

12Sea swimming is completely safe in protected areas. 

13If you meet a road train on a narrow road, leave the road. 

Questions 14-18

Complete the following table with words taken from the passage.

Use ONE OR TWO WORDS for each answer.

Problem or danger Precaution or remedy
Medical costs Obtain .
Find an open space away from trees.
Getting lost in the bush Tell someone your in advance.
Ticks and leeches Examine On carefully after a walk.
Snake or spider bite Put a around it.


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