IELTS Listening Exercise #6

Listening Tip

  • Before listening, make sure you have an idea of what the context is, and what information is needed to complete the table.
  • Underline any key words in the table (e.g. receive, young adults, use, etc.).
  • Listen and follow the table from left to right. Listen for the key words, and try to fill in the gaps.
  • After listening, check what you wrote. Did you write only one word or a number in each gap? Make sure your spelling is correct, too.

You will hear a conversation between an employee at a company called Fresh Ideas, and a woman calling for information. First you have some time to look at Questions 1-5.

Now Listen carefully and answer Questions 1 to 5:

Questions 1-5

Listen and answer the questions.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Meal Options Comments Cost
Meals for two
  • Every week, two of the meals will contain fish
  • Customers will receive the ingredients they ordered on a
£160.50 per week
Family meals
  • There will always be some with each meal.
  • The for each meal is designed especially for young adults to use.
£ per week
Luxury meals
  • There are dishes from different countries.
  • Some meals may be too for the children.
£233.50 per week


Hello. Online Meals Service.
Hello. You deliver meals to peopleís homes, right? My friend recommended you.
Well, not quite. You place your order online for the meals you want, and then we provide everything you need to make them.
Great. Could you tell me about the different meal options?
Sure, we do Meals for Two. So thatís all your evening meals, Monday to Sunday. And, for two of them, itíll be fish that youíre cooking with.
OK. When do you deliver the meals?
How it works is that you order online by Wednesday, then early on a Friday, our delivery truck will come to your home. We do it on a Friday, rather than a Monday, so you get fresher ingredients on the weekends.
And how much is that?
For the Meals for Two option, thatís £160.50 per week. Then we do a Family Meals option, which is suitable for two adults and up to three children.
I see. What do you include in each meal?
I can send you some menus to look at. Sometimes we include bread, but not always, and sometimes we offer different desserts. However, what we never do without is some kind of fruit. We want our meals to be varied, but nutritious.
And for teenagers, we try to get them involved in cooking, so for every meal, we put together a simple recipe. So you have everything you need, except cooking equipment, which we assume you already have.
Nice idea. Iíd really like to get my kids interested in cooking. So, in terms of cost, my friend told me she was paying £192.75 each week.
Thatís what it is, yes. It was £219.50, until we found some different suppliers, and so we were able to reduce the price by £26.75.
Thereís one more option. Luxury Meals.
How is that different to the Family Meals option?
Well, it consists of dishes from various countries Ė so you might have a meal from Mexico one day, and something from Thailand or India on another.
Wow, that would certainly make dinnertime less boring, although I suspect my children might find it rather spicy, and wouldnít eat it. Arenít these meals more expensive?
Well, theyíre £233.50 a week, which for five people, I think is good value for money.

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