IELTS Listening Exercise #7

Listening Tip

  • Look quickly at the map and identify any important features (roads, rivers, bridges, etc.). Buildings which are already labelled (the hall, the entrance, etc.) are also important.
  • The speaker will talk about the five places in order.
  • Listen and pay attention to how the speaker describes things which are already on the map. Also pay attention to how the speaker explains how to get from one place to another.
  • As the person is talking, decide where each place is on the map. Write a letter, identifying where each building is.

You will hear a talk about a map of the Athletics Centre. First you have some time to look at Questions 1-5.

Now Listen carefully and answer Questions 1 to 5:

Questions 1-5

Listen and label the map.

Write the correct letter A–I.

Listen and label the map

1Car park 3  

2Changing rooms  

3First-aid centre  




OK, let’s have a look at a map of the Athletics Centre. You can see Southgate Road along the bottom of the map, going horizontally, and there’s Eastgate Road on the right-hand side – going from the bottom up to the top of the map. And there’s the main entrance – also there at the bottom of the map on Southgate Road.

So, first of all, you’ll need to know where to send other parents to park their cars. That’ll be car park 3. Actually, there are several car parks at the centre, on both sides of the main entrance. See the large square-shaped area on the map? Car park 3 is the top half of that square – just below the trees. So please send parents over there.

Now, the changing rooms. You’ll need to know where to find them. I remember they used to be up near the running track – you can see the running track is that large oval area on the map. But the changing rooms are much more conveniently located now. All you have to do is come in through the main entrance, immediately take the road that goes off left, and aim for the building that looks a bit like a cross. That’s where the kids will be getting changed for this year’s sports day.

Right, the first-aid centre. Hopefully we won’t be taking too many children there but you do need to know where it is. So, if you’re starting from the main entrance, the quickest route is to walk around the hall – on the right-hand side. There’s no path so you’ll be walking on the grass. Keep straight on so you’re walking between the main field and the oval running track, – and then you can see on the map there – that the first-aid centre is just above those two locations, and right below that little bridge.

The café is a bit of a walk from the main entrance. It’s in that long, narrow building – the one that’s near the northern end of Eastgate Road, and sort of above the oval running track. If you’re walking from the hall, you’ll probably want to cut through that line of trees to get up there. Anyway, you can see that that building is divided into two and you want the room with a view of the river, not of Eastgate Road.

Finally, when the kids go kayaking on the river, they’ll all have to be wearing lifejackets. The lifejackets are kept in a small building near the boathouse. There’s no actual road to the lifejacket shed – but it’s just a short walk from the boathouse – you can see it there – not far from Southgate Road. So make sure no-one gets into a kayak without first getting themselves a lifejacket. So, the other ...

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