IELTS Listening Exercise #8

Tip for IELTS Listening

You are going to see an example of a flow-chart completion task.

When completing a flow-chart, listen for signalling words that help you know when the answer is coming, and remember that the questions are in the same order as the recording. There may be distractors, so listen carefully to the whole conversation.

You are going to listen to a conversation between two students. First you have some time to look at Questions 1-4.

Now Listen carefully and answer Questions 1 to 4:

Questions 1-4

Complete the flow chart below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Arrange an initial with tutor
Identify key elements involved in the
Organise a rough of work
Assess risks and create an
Put together a contingency plan


Hi, Maria, what do you think of the assignment we were given today? It looks challenging, doesnít it?
Absolutely, Damien. Iíve been thinking about how weíre going to get everything done in time.
Why donít we make a flow-chart? It might help us plan better.
Great idea. Where shall we start?
Right, well, initially I thought we ought to look at how the assignment is being assessed, but Iím not so sure now. I think itíd be better if, first, we scheduled a meeting with the tutor. He can give us a lot of information, which Iím certain will save us time later.
Thatís a good idea. Seeing the tutor will help us understand just how much workís involved. What next?
Well, next, I think we need to make sure weíre happy we know the main aspects that make up the assessment. We need to recognise those before we can do anything else.
Yes, I can see that makes sense. And then, we can put together a schedule for the activities we need to do. It doesnít need to be exact at that stage, does it?
I totally agree. Once thatís completed, we need to calculate the possibility of something bad happening. Thereís always something that goes wrong, isnít there? So, we should make an evaluation.
Right! And finally, weíll need some sort of plan. You know, in case something does go wrong.
A contingency plan Ė thatís a good idea. OK, so whereís the phone? I need to call the tutor before we forget.

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