IELTS Reading 6 - Passage 2

Improve your English reading skills

It is silly to lose marks because you didn't check the instructions; for example, gapfill questions can have a limit of one, two or three words.

You may not have time to check all the answers but in written answers make sure that you have spelled words correctly, especially those that you copy from the passage. You will lose marks for misspelling.

Questions 15-21

Complete the table below.

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from Reading Passage 2 for each answer.

Smell toothed no evidence from brain structure
baleen not certain related brain structures are present
Taste some types poor nerves linked to their are underdeveloped
Touch all yes region around the blowhole very sensitive
Vision yes probably do not have stereoscopic vision
dolphins, porpoises yes probably have stereoscopic vision and
yes probably have stereoscopic vision forward and upward
bottlenose dolphin yes exceptional in and good in air-water interface
boutu and beiji poor have limited vision
Indian susu no probably only sense direction and intensity of light
Hearing most large baleen yes usually use repertoire limited
whales and whales yes song-like
toothed yes use more of frequency spectrum; have wider repertoire

Questions 22-26

Answer the questions below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.

22Which of the senses is described here as being involved in mating?

23Which species swims upside down while eating?

24What can bottlenose dolphins follow from under the water?

25Which type of habitat is related to good visual ability?

26Which of the senses is best developed in cetaceans?


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