IELTS Reading 6 - Passage 3


What is IELTS Reading Passage 3?

  • a text of up to 900 words, usually factual or descriptive, from a wide range of contexts, e.g. from a newspaper, magazine or book
  • two or three tasks, with a total of 13 questions
  • a longer and usually slightly more challenging text than Passages 1 and 2

What does IELTS Reading Passage 3 test?

  • understanding extended prose with an emphasis on descriptive and instructive, rather than argumentative, texts
  • a range of reading skills including reading for main ideas and detail as well as understanding the structure of a text at a sentence and paragraph level

Questions 27-29

Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D.

Write your answres in boxes 27-29 on your answer sheet.

27In the first paragraph the writer makes the point that blind people

28The writer was surprised because the blind woman

29From the experiment described in Part 1, the writer found that the blind subjects

Questions 30-32

Look at the following diagrams (Questions 30-32), and the list of types of movement below.

Match each diagram to the type of movement A-E generally assigned to it in the experiment.

Choose the correct letter A-E and write them in boxes 30-32 on your answer sheet.

IELTS Reading Test

A steady spinning
B jerky movement
C rapid spinning
D wobbling movement
E use of brakes




Questions 33-39

Complete the summary below using words from the box.

Write your answers in boxes 33-39 on your answer sheet.

NB You may use any word more than once.


In the experiment described in Part 2, a set of word was used to investigate whether blind and sighted people perceived the symbolism in abstract in the same way. Subjects were asked which word fitted best with a circle and which with a square. From the volunteers, everyone thought a circle fitted ‘soft’ while a square fitted ‘hard’. However, only 51% of the volunteers assigned a circle to . When the test was later repeated with volunteers, it was found that they made choices.

Question 40

Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D.

40Which of the following statements best summarises the writer’s general conclusion?


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