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Reading Exercise 5

Sometimes the questions come before the reading passage. It makes no difference to the things you should do. Continue what you have been practising:

  • survey the text
  • then analyse the questions
  • then return to the text

In the next exercise some questions come before the passage and some come after it. Answer the questions below by reading the passage Hi-tech connections.

Time: 7 minutes

Questions 22 and 23

Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

22) Paragraph A is an introduction to
A management vocabulary
B high-technology communications
C computers
D world markets
23) The purpose of paragraph C is to
A describe telephone networks
B give a further example
C illustrate with an example
D introduce a new idea

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Question 24

Complete the sentence below using a maximum of four words.

Rapid developments in advanced communications have resulted from 24 ..............

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Questions 25 and 26

Using the information in the passage, answer the questions below using figures or a maximum of three words.

25) What does 'such' refer to in the first sentence of paragraph C?

26) How many countries have access to the International Dealerlink?

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If you analysed the questions properly you will have seen that questions 22-24 focus on the general themes of the passage and paragraphs in it. Questions 22 and 23 deal with the topic and purpose of paragraphs. Question 24 took you further into the relationships within a paragraph. Questions 25 and 26 are both open questions requiring you to find specific information. Question 25 refers to relationships between paragraphs. For question 26 all you need to do is write down a number.

Questions 22-24 are examples of sentence completion questions you have to complete sentences which are started for you. Pay special attention to the instructions. Questions 22 and 23 are both multiple-choice types of sentence completion: you are asked to choose the right phrase and put the corresponding letter on your answer sheet (you do not write out the phrase). Question 24 asks you to write the phrase which completes the sentence (you do not write the whole sentence); in fact the instructions state ‘a maximum of four words’ and writing the whole sentence would be marked as wrong.

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