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Reading Exercise 4

This reading passage contains some very long, complex sentences (more complex, in fact, than you are likely to find in the IELTS test). Don't panic. Use your checklist. Concentrate on identifying the key phrases and ideas.

Time: 10 minutes

Questions 16-18

Read the following statements and say how they reflect the information in the reading passage, by writing:

TRUE if the statement is true according to the passage
FALSE if the statement is false according to the passage
NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the passage

Example) Cypriots are welcoming  True

16) Individual achievement is more important than hospitality. 

17) Tourists come mainly from the UK. 

18) Cypriot society has not been adversely affected by tourism. 

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Questions 19-21

In the two lists below, a definition in the list on the right (A-G) in the list on the left (19-21). Show which items match by writing one appropriate letter (A-G) in boxes 19-21 on your answer sheet.

List of Phrases
A ratio of locals to tourists
B introduction of foreign values
C host's tolerance towards tourists
D proportion of tourists to locals
E approximately eight
F introduction of new lifestyles into societies
G different sets of values

Example) ‘tourism density’  D

19) Technology 

20) Science 

21) Rarely do scientists 

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Questions 16-18 are typical of the true/false type of questions that you may find in IELTS. Make sure you read carefully enough to answer the question accurately and make sure you answer according to the information in the passage. Both ‘individual achievement’ and ‘hospitality’ are mentioned in the opening paragraph it does not state which is more important. You may know that most tourists in Cyprus come from the UK; the passage states ‘Europe’ only. For question 18, the passage states ‘tourism has not had as marked an adverse effect...’. You may not know the meaning of ‘as marked...’; the writer goes on to say, however, ‘... has influenced social... and caused... antagonism’.

Questions 19-21 are another type of matching exercise. In this case, you must match terms used in the text with possible definitions of those terms as used in the text. Find ‘social carrying capacity’ in the text and the definition follows ‘host peoples’ levels of tolerance for the presence and behaviour of tourists’.

Having found the definition of ‘demonstration effect’ you are wasting precious time if you try to understand the very long final sentence; you do not need to read it carefully.

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