IELTS Vocabulary: Contrast & comparison

Vocabulary Tip

When you learn new vocabulary, try to learn all the forms. For example: nation (noun), national (adjective), nationally (adverb), nationalist (person), nationalise (verb)

Complete these sentences with the most appropriate word or expression.

1The two machines considerably. One has an electric motor, the other runs on oil.

2The in weather between the north and the south of the country is very noticeable.

3Many people cannot between lemon juice and lime juice.

4Children must be taught to between right and wrong.

5There is a between being interested in politics and joining a political party.

6Can you tell the between a good boss and a bad one?

7The management must not between male and female applicants.

8Asia covers a huge area. Europe is very small.

9The new model of car is very to the old one.

10Her political opinions are to mine.

11Some political parties have such similar manifestos that they are difficult to .

12My friends and I enjoy doing many of the same things. In that respect, we have a lot .

13There seems to be a large between the number of people employed in service industries, and those employed in the primary sector.

14British and Australian people share the same language, but in other respects they are as different as .

15Britain's economy is largely based on its industry, a few hundred years ago it was an agrarian country.


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