IELTS Vocabulary: Idioms

Use a dictionary to check the meaning of the phrases in the box. Then complete sentences 1-8 with the correct phrase.

there is something to be said for
You can say that again!
having said that
have a say
when all is said and done
needless to say
that is to say
to say the least

1John: That was a delicious meal!
    George: .

2Swimming was not permitted in the lake. However, , many people did use the lake for swimming.

3Of course you want to look good when out on the pull, but not wearing too much makeup.

4While you are studying abroad, you are certainly going to want somewhere to stay and looking for housing can be stressful, .

5, I believe I had a very enjoyable time on my vacation.

6My father passed away when I was 16. , this had a devastating effect on my life.

7An essay should be an argument. Ask yourself what are the important questions in any particular issue. , you should discuss a problem and not simply narrate events or the stages of an argument.

8We live in a democratic country, which means we all in how the country is run.


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