IELTS Vocabulary: Expressions with time

Use a dictionary to check the meaning of the phrases in the box. Then complete sentences 1-11 with the correct phrase.

by the time
took so long
spend time
at times
the right time
in time
take your time
save time
lose track of time
on time
from time to time

1I am not in regular contact with him; I just send him an email .

2Excuse me, do you have ? I have a job interview at 9 o’clock and I really want to get there .

3I prefer to shop online to avoid the crowds and .

4He can get a bit bad-tempered .

5 we get home this pizza will be cold!

6I arrived just to watch a spectacular sunset.

7I ordered a book for my sister’s birthday, but it to get delivered that it missed her birthday.

8Every time I go to the library, I . Once, I stayed there for 6 hours!

9Going to university is now very expensive, and looking for the right course can be very .

10If you get up very early, you can getting ready and may even have enough time to cook a proper breakfast.

11After school, I would with my family, rather than hanging out with friends.


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