IELTS Vocabulary: Letter of complaint

Vocabulary for Writing

An IELTS 7 = The candidate uses a variety of words, and shows some precision. There are some less common items, including idiomatic ones. He or she collocates correctly nearly all of the time, and has a certain style. There are some errors in word choice or collocation. There are occasional spelling mistakes, but they do not affect communication.

An IELTS 6 = The candidate has a mostly adequate and appropriate resource, and meaning is generally clear. There is a restricted range of words, and wrong word choice does mean some lack of precision. Some writers who take risks with vocabulary at this level use a wider range, but there is a higher degree of inaccuracy. There are some spelling mistakes, but they do not affect communication.

An IELTS 5 = The candidate can use simple vocabulary connected to the task, but there is quite a lot of repetition. Other more complex language is frequently wrong. Errors in word choice and spelling are noticeable: a reader may have to work out what the writer means.

An IELTS 4 = The candidate has a very limited range of words, some unrelated to the task. He or she uses basic vocabulary repetitively. There may be memorised phrases or an over-dependence on language from the questions themselves. Inappropriate word choices and spelling mistakes may annoy the reader.

Sara has just returned from an unsatisfactory meal in a restaurant. Look at the words or phrases in capitals. Choose the most appropriate word or phrase.

Dear Mrs Harper,

I have just returned from meal at your restaurant. As you know, I am a regular customer and have always been with the quality of the service and the food.

However, the meal I ate tonight . Our steaks were and the accompanying potatoes were cold. While your waiter was clearly I felt that he was when I voiced my disappointment.

To make matters worse, the meal was a treat for my father's 70th birthday. What should have beer an enjoyable experience turned into a . I would like to express my disappointment at this evening's events. I would also that this will not happen again.

Yours sincerely,

Sara Page


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