Further Practice for Speaking 7


Remember that there are no right or wrong answers to the questions in Part 1. Try to relax and answer the questions naturally, giving more than a one-word answer where possible. The examiner may also ask you about your job, family, hobbies and so on.

To prepare for these questions, make notes about yourself using the table below.

Job Family Hobbies Last holiday Ambitions
How do you feel about it?
What tense(s) can you use to talk about it?
Any important items of vocabulary?

Now write one possible exam question for each of the topic areas in the table. Answers will depend on your particular circumstances.

Possible tenses:
A range of present tenses (including present perfect to express the duration of a situation or activity) when talking about your job, workplace, family, hobbies and interests; a range of past tenses when talking about your last holiday (including past perfect to refer to events before the holiday); a range of future forms when talking about ambitions (including going to, will and conditionals).

Useful items of vocabulary:

  • Job: company, position, duties, responsibilities, role, full-/part-time, to work shifts, to be promoted
  • Family: relationship, relatives, to take after someone, to get on well (with someone)
  • Hobbies: to take a hobby/interest up, to give a hobby/interest up, to be keen on something. to be into something
  • Last holiday: package holiday, to look forward to, to set off, sightseeing, resort
  • Ambitions: hope to be/do, wouldn`t mind ...ing, intend to, would love to, plan to, dream of ...ing


You will have paper and a pencil in the exam to make notes. It is important that you use your minute of preparation time to think about and organize your answer.

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